Help Maramuni people with road


I HAVE seen two photographs in The National about a new 45 kilometer road project cutting through thick untouched forests and harsh jungles to link 18,000 Maramuni people to the outside world for the first time.
Dr Lino Tom, the Wagab MP, a first-timer and Fisheries Minister is my unsung hero and champion.
For the last 50 years since I went to school outside Maramuni, I always thought it was impossible to build a road to connect my people to the rest of the world.
Nobody brought up the idea.
It is a shame the Enga government had failed miserably and neglected Maramuni local level government altogether for more than 20 years.
It saddens me to hear from my people that the Enga government has contributed nothing to this project.
My challenge to the Enga government under Sir Peter Ipatas, is to fund the last 20 kilometres of the road out of shame.

Maramuni Tange