Hetaya: Hela needs administrator

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 HELA needs a permanent provincial administrator, Komo-Magarima law and order chairman Peter Hetaya says.

He described the province’s administration as “a headless chicken”.

“We are now heading into the third quarter of the budget and still no one is heading the administration,” Hetaya said.

“The National Executive Council must intervene and make a decision as the silent majority are eagerly waiting for the appointment of the head of the administration.”

He questioned Governor Anderson Agiru on the delay in the appointment of an administrator.

“Hela is just an egg; just like the new province and when that egg breaks it needs someone to manage it so that it can grow,” Hetaya said.

“We want our permanent administrator appointed soon and I urge those directly involved to make that decision expediently.”

He added that he was aware of correspondence from the Public Service Commission to the governor’s officer to appoint the administrator through the Provincial Executive Council (PEC).

“There have been three PEC meetings to date and correspondence from the Personnel Management Department regarding the appointment they made through the Public Service Management Act of 1995,” he said.