Highlands primary school takes advantage of tuition-free policy

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 KIMIL Primary School in Jiwaka has been commended for being the first in the province and Western Highlands to build a new library and administration building.

The buildings cost K110,000.

Superintendent for elementary and primary schools in Western Highlands and Jiwaka, Simon Sam told a large crowd last Friday Kimil was the first school to build such buildings under the tuition-free policy of the government.

Sam said other schools in the two provinces received their share of funds but there was nothing to show for it in their schools. “This is the first time for me to officially open a building under the tuition-free policy,” he said.

Sam commended headmaster Gabriel Tial and the Kimil school board of management for saving the school’s subsidy to build a new library and an administration building.

He said the self-help project was a big achievement for the school and urged the surrounding communities to look after the school, teachers and other services like the Kimil Health Centre. Reform coordinator for Jiwaka and Western Highlands Benny Tap said despite big money given to schools in the provinces, they have problems acquitting it.

He urged other schools to use their money properly to get maximum benefit.

School board chairman and ward councillor David Kumb thanked  the government and Education Department for releasing the funds on time to make it possible for them to build such infrastructure.