Hombi: Hela Wigmen not performing to expectation

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The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

PRESIDENT of the Hela rugby league in the Southern Highlands is not happy with the Hela Wigmen’s performance in this year’s Digicel Cup competition.
President Robin Hombi said that in the last five matches, Wigmen performed well below expectations and this was frustrating the fans.
He said regardless of the fact that the Wigmen were a debut team, they had a top coach and very good management in place but were still losing matches which was an embarrassment to Hela fans.
Hombi said the team were not just about playing rugby league and entertaining fans but also carried the pride of the Hela community and the new province.
He  added that the other puzzling factor was the abundance of great players in the Wigmen ranks which should translate to a top four side.
Hombi said the management needed to offer an explanation as to the causes of the team’s poor form.
He challenged the coach and management to devise effective strategies and to win games and to turn around their season.
He said they needed to have a sense of purpose and unity to prosper.
Hombi said the Hela  region, which is blessed with natural resources, would always have good backing but interest and momentum could be stifled if they continue to perform below par.
“The Wigmen are the people’s pride and I urge players and management to try and turn the season around,” Hombi said.