Home-delivered bundle of joy

Lae News, Normal


WHILE families welcomed new additions to their numbers on Christmas Day – born in hospitals – a courageous little girl came into the world quietly at her family home in Lae.
Maryanne Joy Akis was a Christmas gift to her parents Tapia and Adrian Akis, when she was delivered at her house in Tenth Street at 2.20am on Christmas day.
She weighed 2.8kg and originates from Enga and Simbu provinces.  
Thanks to aunty Maureen Akis a student nurse that had saved both the mother and baby with her knowledge and training as a midwife – with help from neighbour Giam Gorea who is an experienced midwife.
“I am proud that I have delivered my sister-in-law’s daughter, and it was a job well done with help from Giam,” Maureen said.
But there is a twist to this happy story.
Upon arrival baby Maryanne was washed, bottle fed and then handed over to her new adopted parents – Glen and Janet Akis.
They asked to adopt the baby as Tapia and Adrian Akis already had five other children.