Homebrew lead cause of disorder: Leader

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

Homebrew is the main contributing factor to social disorder in rural communities, a prominent woman leader from the Highlands region says.
She told The National that villagers were getting drunk every day because homebrew was cheap and “available in every corner and that is very dangerous.”
That led to immense law and order problems, she said.
Women in Politics regional president Dere Cecillia from Kerowagi in Chimbu, said mothers and young girls were no longer feeling safe in the area  or even in their own communities.
She said they were being harassed and intimidated by young people under the influence of homebrew every day.
“I do not know when we womenfolk will settle down well in our community without fear and be able to move around at any time of the day or night,” she said.
Cecillia said many villages in her district and other parts of the province that she visited suffered from similar problems.
She said community leaders, with the support from police, tried their best over the years to stop the cultivation of marijuana and production of homebrew but people had stopped only for a while.
She said some leaders were afraid to report the matter to police for fear of retaliation.
Cecillia said they should not allow the drunken and marijuana addicts to control their lives.
“I want to appeal to other leaders to come out and cooperate with police and stop these illegal activities back in their communities,” she said.