Homelessness on the rise


Homelessness is on the rise in our major cities, especially here in Port Moresby.
Many children are seen roaming around the streets of our nation’s capital, vendoring, begging and pecking through littering boxes to find food and other valuables.
Handicapped individuals, people living with disabilities can be seen at certain spots asking for money from pedestrians.
It is intimidating and frustrating walking past the same individual at their usual location begging for money everyday.
It is an eye sore to the public and an embarrassment to us, especially with our international tourists coming to witness all these.
Sometimes, I wonder if the concerned authorities or the Government realise that homelessness is on the rise right in the heart of our capital.
Many homeless beggars and street children are found at Boroko, Port Moresby.
If the Government continues to turn a blind eye on this growing trend, it would be chaotic in the future.
Majority of our MPs do live here.
I wonder if they have empathy to at least help these homeless people at the floor of Parliament.
These homeless people have no sense of direction or purpose in which their sole goal is to survive the day with the limited money or food they may gather during the day.
This is a chronic social issue which needs Government intervention to address it in a holistic approach.
An interview with one of the beggars will help give an insight on how to address their issue at the base level.
Some contributing factors are; orphanage, family disownership, divorce, and related issues.
The normal family safety nets which exists in our Melanesian society which help in aiding our disadvantaged in our society is fast eroding.
Few people who have the economical strengths to support the overwhelming number of dependents will cause people to sprawl out in the streets and communities in order to fend for themselves.
The Government is very adamant and vocal in taking PNG forward.
Take back those hanging lose around the our cities and towns.
Before the homeless issue becomes more cumbersome for the Government to address, act proactively now.
Please Government, do help alleviate our disadvantage homeless populace from demising.

Maru Igabi

One thought on “Homelessness on the rise

  • In order to reduce homelessness we need to reduce migration into the city. People have a much better chance of living a much more comfortable life in the villages and rural areas when compared to our cities.

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