House in midst of latest police drama

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OWNERSHIP of a high-covenant house in Port Moresby valued at about K1 million is a tug-of-war between the PNG Police Association and former MP for Yangoru-Saussia John Jaminan.
Mr Jaminan claimed ownership of the four-bedroom house at section 25, lot 8 on Diho Street, off Angau Drive in Boroko and took in prospective buyers to inspect the house last Wednesday.
As they were in the yard, two suspended executives of the police union arrived on the scene and asked them to leave the premises.
The action by the suspended union executives infuriated  Mr Jaminan.
“I am very angry with the union executives.
“Firstly, they had no right to come into my house which they illegally occupied for six years. Secondly, they are suspended and should not be meddling in the affairs of the union,” he said yesterday.
Meanwhile, Industrial Registrar Helen Saleu, who is now acting administrator of all the activities of the police union, had told Mr Jaminan she was not in a position to investigate the questionable transfer of the title of his house to a shelf company, called Kunjil No 19 Ltd, in either 2002 or 2003.
She told Mr Jaminan that her office would refer the matter to the executive of the PNG Police Association once it was restored.
In the letter to Mr Jaminan, the registrar also indicated that she had completed her investigations into allegations of fraud and misappropriation with the police union and was in the process of deciding the next course of action.
Mrs Saleu suspended the entire board of the police union several months ago over allegations which included payment of more than K300,000 to suspended president Robert Ali in various allowances.
Mr Ali was also occupying the house in question, but was ordered by Mrs Saleu to vacate it after he was suspended.
In the meantime, Mr Jaminan had also visited the Lands Department’s Registrar of Titles and lodged a complaint regarding the transfer of his title to Kunjil No 19 Ltd.
He was assisted by the officers in the registry to locate files and ascertain that it was his and upon appropriate searches, he was asked to pay K150 as a replacement fee for his title. He promptly paid the fee.
Water bills issued by Eda Ranu for the property showed the tenant as John Jaminan, MP, even though it was last occupied by Robert Ali for six years.