How a priest found himself on the road to Papua New Guinea


Father MAREK SOBOTTA, a Catholic priest from Poland, writes about how he found himself in Papua New Guinea.
In August 2016, as I was driving my car, I heard a story about a faraway paradise island on the radio,” he said.
Bishop Joseph Roszynski was being interviewed about what he saw as the biggest need in the Diocese of Wewak.
He responded that he thought there were not enough priests to cover all the parishes, so he had come to Poland to look for “adventurers, risk takers” who were prepared to answer God’s call to do missionary work.
I had recovered from serious illness and felt God had given me this calling.
After much prayer and thanks to God, Bishop Joseph Roszynski, SVD, met with my family and me while he was in Poland and discussed my preparation.
A meeting was also planned with my local bishop, of the diocese of Opole, Andrzej Czaja, who also gave me his blessing to go to Papua New Guinea.
During the following year,
I had time to reflect on this decision.
In Sept 2017, I began to learn English in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.
Then I began my preparation to be a missionary in the Centre for Mission Formation.
Nine months later, I received the Missionary Cross and signed an agreement in the presence of Cardinal Sir John Ribat, Roszynski, and my Bishop Andrzej Czaja.
On Jan 14, I started my journey from Warsaw in Poland to Wewak in Papua New Guinea.
Now I am in Kunjigini, where I am learning Pidgin English.
The welcome I have received in Wewak has been very warm.
The people in Papua New Guinea whom I have met are friendly and open in their faith. I am very interested in the history and local culture of the people of this paradise.
From my first day I have loved the weather, the people and the wonderful nature.
You are so blessed here.
Please pray that I prepare well and that God will be with me as we all minister to one another in this diocese.

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