How about the Highlands Highway?

Letters, Normal

IF the Jackson Airport is to be upgraded at the cost of K1.4 billion, what about the deteriorating Highlands Highway?
It looks like the Government is not interested in this important road link which is the lifeline of the country and the bulk of its citizens.
The airport upgrade is to cater for the influx of expatriates for the LNG project.
As such, the developer should fork out the bill and not the PNG Government and its citizens.
It should instead allocate money on upgrading the Highlands Highway.
If the Government sees fit to exempt a billion-dollar company from paying taxes, then the company should spend that money on developing both the Jackson Airport and the highway.
Why should we taxpayers be made to suffer unnecessary?
Until we see some tangible developments from the LNG project apart from the figures, the citizens’ needs should be given top priority and one of them is the Highlands Highway.
I think the Government should set its priorities right.