How do we deal with sorcery?


Many people, especially church and government leaders, pretend that sorcery does not exist.
The practice of sorcery is true and is the lifestyle of our ancestors and forefathers who practised it in the past. It is our culture.
In the early years of the missionaries in our country, many missionaries cast out demon spirits from people who practised sorcery or sanguma and heard their testimonies before they finally became Christians.
Many Papua New Guineans today left their home villages and migrate to cities and towns because of their fear of sorcery.
The question is, what are we to do with sorcerers when they confess or are caught red-handed? And how will the government solve the problem of sorcery?
Church elders, pastors of all denominations and community leaders must work together with community members to mstyop the practice of sorcery being passed on to the next generation.
Let’s stop pretending and do something now.

Frankie Aros Poros