How much did festive items cost, NCDC?

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 2, 2010

THE National Capital District Commission has spent a lot of money installing decorative lights and other festive items in Boroko.
While amusing, one has to ask how they contribute to efforts to change the attitude of the city folk or Papuan New Guineans in general.
Governor Powes Parkop had a fountain installed at the 5-Mile roundabout in the same vicinity and it attracted a lot of curious on-lookers.
At one stage, the roundabout became a cause of traffic jams as motorists slowed down to look at the novelty.
A year later, the public seem to have lost interest.
Has the money spent on the fountain brought about some benefit to the city?
Now more money is being spent on the decorative lights which stretch for some 500 metres.
Would the governor care to share with us how much money was spent?
Would the governor tell us the private company or companies involved in this exercise?
Would the governor share with us the selection process?
Would the governor care to tell us how this expenditure will benefit the city and the people?
I am sure the governor has good intentions, just as I am sure that the money could have been better utilised.
I am sure a sizeable amount has been spent.


Port Moresby