Hundreds of families without water supply for five years


Hundreds of families living in Madang town have had no water supply for more than five years, a survey report said.
Madang’s ward seven councillor Bonny Solomon said most families had their water supply disconnected years ago and were using other sources of water for their needs.
Solomon said those families have gotten used to living without a proper water supply.
He said he submitted a report and list of residents in the New Town area to see if the government would assist them pay their outstanding water bills last year but nothing happened. Sharon Halo, living at Kuperu Road, said Water PNG disconnected her water supply yesterday.
Halo said high water bills were incurred by previous residents and she was paying K1000 every month to reduce it.
She appealed to Water PNG to assess the situation and weigh out reasons before disconnecting water supplies.
Ward eight councillor Samson Gaan said his ward residents had issues with water disconnections and hundreds of families had had no water supply for many years.