Hunters performance


THE current poor performances of PNG Hunters, can be attributed to a lot of factors.
The successive loses this year, truly marks a disappointing start for the club, since its inception in 2014.
The dismissal performance of the PNG Hunters, warrants the board, to start reviewing the management and coaching staff performances.
The contract structures of the players and coaching staff, as well as recruitment guidelines needed to be reviewed.
Critical issue of player’s movement needed to be addressed.
On records, the club have been dealing with significant loss to the playing group every year.
If the club wants to be competitive, long term contracts must be offered to high quality players, to minimise the impact of losing too many players all at once.
The club should go out of its way to recruit quality talents and experienced professional players outside of PNG.
The current performances from the Hunters are reflections of lack of depth in the squad.
The Digicel Cup and other PNGRFL sanctioned competitions are not producing enough instinctive and intelligent play makers.
It is important to recruit professional skills trainers and coaches on short term basis to address such deficiencies in the Hunters and the domestic competition.
Is it time for Michael Marum to move on?
I hate to see a champion coach come under constant criticism, but the club might need a new sets of leadership and coaching directions for the future.
Marum’s achievement for the club cannot be challenged, as he has proven that PNG can produce high profile coach and elite professional players.
The PNGRFL and Hunters need to invest more through the Hunters Academy and school boy’s competitions.
So far, the Hunters have not unleashed any teenage rising talent at the Intrust Super Cup level yet, which is contrary to what other Queensland-based clubs are doing.
The PNG Hunters is not just a rugby league club but an iconic international sporting brand representing PNG.
The club must be able to operate as a professional sporting business entity, like all other established QLD based clubs.
The Digicel Cup Competition must be brought up to a level closer to the QLD Intrust Super Cup.
It evident that members of the PNG Hunters squad are struggling to adjust to the intensity of the QLD Intrust Super Cup level based on their current form.
The coaching staff must shoulder some blame also.
The Hunters coaching style is too predictable, which most oppositions teams are aware of.
The Hunters’ style of using a straight forward hit up and no second men play are few examples, which do not intimidate and threaten the opposition defensive structure.
The PNG Hunters board and management should consider the option of extending the recruitment exercise overseas, for potential players for 2020.
The club must offer competitive package to attract top quality players, whom are willing to wear the Hunters Jersey with pride.
A future NRL star can be unearthed by the Hunters through this overseas recruitment, who can be eligible to play for the Kumuls.

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