ILG Act, certificates to expire next year

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

The Incorporated Land Group (ILG) Act will expire next year, affecting landowners and businesses operations using ILG certificates, Lands Department deputy secretary Andy Malo says.
Malo said landowners would have to re-register as soon as possible using their National Identification (NID) cards.
He said the old ILG certificates under the existing Act would become null and void because their five-year period would expire on March 12.
“The experience we have been facing in the department is with birth certificates,” Malo said.
Now with the NID cards coming into place, it will save costs for landowners.”
“Since there are already 10 provincial NID offices, landowners are encouraged to visit those offices to fast-track the NID card process so it will make way for the ILG office with the Lands department to register their ILG certificates.
“If they (landowners) pursue in registering their land, an ILG certificate is the prerequisite to  the registration of the title which will be used as collateral for the purpose of mortgage and others.”
Malo said the department was in discussions with commercial banks to have them relax their policies in accepting customary leases as collateral for mortgage purposes.
“I am very pleased that the NID arrangement will help landowners to fast-track the delay that is currently experienced  which is frustrating landowners from getting birth certificates.”
“NID cards will play a bigger role in fast-tracking ILG certificates so they can pursue the other processes with the Lands department.
Constitutional and Law Reform Commission deputy secretary Isaiah Chilion said an incorporated body with assets under the existing ILG which did not re-register to meet the requirement of law would have difficulty continuing its business.
“Everyone has to re-register their ILGs and get new certificates before the Act expires next year,” he said.