Illegal visas a concern

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SOME public servants are colluding with private operators to arrange visas for foreigners without conducting proper tests, says Border Security and Immigration Minister Westly Nukundj.
“There have been rackets involving government officers colluding with outside agents as well as the Labour Department in processing foreigners without conducting proper tests,” he said.
“One condition of entry is to test of their proficiency in the English language. But all the foreigners caught did not know how to speak in English.
“This is something for the Labour Department to note.”
He said foreigners entering the country illegally or doing business illegally would be tracked down.
He was referring to the arrest of 48 foreigners at four logging sites in Oro by a team of police and immigration officers.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa raised the issue in Parliament on Friday, calling for a review of the law to increase the penalties for those involved in passport and visa scams.
He said currently the penalties for agencies issuing illegal passports and visas was up to K100,000, which was less than the amount spent on investigating these crimes.
“The companies involved must now be de-registered and prosecuted,” Juffa said.
“The persons should be deported at the earliest as their papers are not in order. Whatever visa they have must be immediately cancelled. Once that is done, they should be deported and blacklisted. “The directors of the company issuing passports and visas must be banned from doing business in PNG.”


  • No point in reviewing the laws. However any law may be amended, the police will have neither the energy or desire to enforce them. Instead, let us introduce a “new” law which stipulates than any foreigner can get a PNG visa if he gives a politician or government official K50,000 – which is pretty much the situation as it stands now. Why not legitimize it? And if the money is taxable, there’s a little extra for the government coffers – if tax officials can muster the energy to collect it.

  • Ban them from entering the country and also, deportation. The companies involved or found must be given a hefty fine.

  • Thank you Minister Nukundi for cleaning up your department. Well Done.
    Can we arrest those government officers involved now while it is hot.
    These are the guys that sold our country and brought our economic down.

    Hon. Governor Juffa, I salute you for getting on top of many department and we can see the fruit of your continued fight for our land and rights.
    Trupela Lida !! Almighty God richly bless you and filled you with his Wisdom.

  • You are getting paid to do your job accordingly rather then corrupt practice everywhere in the public service. Amend those existing law and review the old policies to enforce full penalties to those involved in corruption. Terminate responsible officers in public service and deport the illegal aliens back to their countries

  • One day those government officers will leave or retire from their josb and their families will not inherit their position or their job, they and the citizens of this country will all suffer for what their fathers or uncles or relatives have done, publish those government officers names so their wife and children will get the shame or maybe their children are using another surname.

  • officers are the ones mandated on behalf of +million people of png to protect them by working for the gov’t. if they are crooked, then they are only thinking about today for their bread and butter, without any idea of standing for png and their children’s future.. their thinking is confined.get out to the world and see whatsup. fools make so many mistakes.

  • I think its about time to impose harsh penalties on agents for corruption. Country is regressing just because of these pests.

  • Let’s get rid of all the Asians who don’t know English & get rid of all the Asian products that are not in English from PNG for good.

    I don’t care where they are from because they are slaving & using poor Papua New Guineans. I’m talking from experience & I’ve seen it in ENBP, Wide Bay logging site.

    Please check ENBP, Wide Bay logging site also, Mr foreign Minister, its a big mess there.

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