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FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has urged people to support health workers fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic as they were working “under enormous pressure”.
“At this time, when lives are being lost in our country to the coronavirus, and we are told by the government that potentially more than 10,000 people could be infected, our country must get behind the men and women working on the frontline of the crisis,” he said.
“Working in very difficult conditions, often without adequate PPEs (personal protective equipment) or pay, our hard working and committed health workers are going about their business of saving lives.
“I ask our people to recognise their efforts, and to be patient, because health workers are under enormous pressure.”
He urged the people not to “lose their tempers with health workers who were doing their best”.
“All MPs are aware of the shortage of resources and funding that is causing problems. Leave it to us MPs to take these issues to the Government to make them lift their game,” he said.
He thanked the business community who had made “donations” to the Port Moresby General Hospital and other “underfunded” healthcare facilities.
“We (also) thank the international community who have once again demonstrated that they are true friends of PNG, and have provided funding, ventilators, PPEs and other support,” he said.
“If you can help health workers in your communities (by) helping their families, cooking meals, or helping with tasks at home, this is very important (as) they are often away from home.”


  • I think he knows has a point to let the civilians know how hard it is for nurses and doctors to work in the hospital, that is full with all sort of patients. As a student nurse, I have experienced prolong hours of working in the hospital trying my best to at least learn as much as I could from the experienced stuffs. They have their own problems and worries but they consider the patients first before everything. Thank you former Prime minister for the considerable statement.

  • I am not a fan of PNC, but I applauded what the former PM had said.
    Put aside politics and do what we can for the good of this Nation to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

  • School students our life is at risk. What’s so important? Education or life? Plis PM send us home or we’ll all die here.

  • Appreciate what PO said, at least putim politics aside na concern olsem lo people em gudpla then blamim each other.

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