Improve ball control in next season


CONGRATULATIONS to the two teams that played in the grand finale of this season’s National Soccer League.
The final score of 1-0 to Lae City told the story.
It was a tough game as both teams tried to outplay their opponents.
Vitiaz FC had more attempts on goal than Lae but they simply did not hit the target and most of their shots went over the goal mouth.
Lae city had few chances and scored on one.
One thing that showed in this match was that it almost never got up to the standard expected of such a highly anticipated game.
Ball control from both sides was not on point.
Players from both teams failed to keep possession of the ball for longer periods which made it less interesting for those watching on TV at home.
All teams should now be working really hard to think about raising the standard of the game in the new season.
Both teams failed to create clear chances for their strikers.
A bit of rough house tactics from both sides were obvious.
The referee and his assistants tried their best but missed some calls for foul plays from both sides.
But all in all, it was good to see families turning up to support their teams and watch the match in the evening when it was much cooler.

Kona Kik

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