Improve live-streaming of soccer matches


THE poor quality of filming and live-streaming of PNG National Soccer League (NSL) matches in the northern conference is continuing.
I raised this issue many times during the women’s NSL 2020-2021 season.
Why are some NSL in the northern conference not live-streamed?
Some that are live-streamed are not good.
The first northern conference match was not live-streamed.
Two weeks ago, it was a disaster.
There were no complete videos of the northern conference matches available on social media, which is supposed to be the case.
Is the PNG Football Association (PNGFA) running out of funds?
Is live-streaming of matches not its priority?
I am aware that the PNGFA, on Aug 12, issued a statement where president John Kapi-Natto said interesting times were ahead for PNG football.
I am not sure what interesting times he was referring to if he and the PNGFA cannot satisfactorily promote the code in the country by finding the right equipment and ensuring all the games are filmed?
How will football in PNG develop if this vital service is neglected?
This was the case during the women’s season and now in the men’s.
Papua New Guinean soccer fans are asking when they will be allowed to enter the venues where the games are played.
Currently, they are not allowed to do so.
Is there some favouritism or nepotism being practiced where rugby league fans are allowed to enter sports venues to see rugby matches while soccer fans are not allowed to see their matches?
What is the logic there?
Do rugby league supporters possess some special tag that makes them immune to the pandemic and threats related to it?
Is the PNGFA management not working hard to push to promote the game by asking the authorities to be fair in imposing regulations related to spectators accessing sporting venues.
The PNGFA should step up and be seen to be more active in promoting the code.
It should live-stream all matches and work on improving the quality of the videos as well.
I do not think PNG soccer is heading for brighter days.
This is not good.

Football Enthusiast