Increase services to meet growth


THE Government needs to urgently provide more social and economic services across the country to meet the demand of our growing population.
For instance, the Port Moresby General Hospital was built in the 90s when the population was only three-four million population.
Currently with over eight million population, the hospital is not in a good capacity to provide effective services as desired.
There are shortage of specialist doctors, sick beds, drugs and testing kits.
For example, the DNA antiviral loading testing machine is not here in the country yet.
The same applies to all the health, education, church, banks and marketing facilities throughout the country.
New schools are needed in the new provinces – Hela and Jiwaka.
Maintenance and extension work are required in all the schools and hospitals throughout the country to fight issues such as overcrowding.
The Government needs to increase the number of qualified people to lead in fighting pandemic diseases such as the Covid-19.
Everything should change in parallel with the growing population, pandemic diseases and economic disasters the country is facing.
Time for sucking money in the name of development should stop.
Redirect money into providing realistic services to cater for the growing population.

Maya Hewa Anole
Komo, Hela