Increase tax is hurting ordinary working citizens


THIS is an open letter to Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, ministers and MPs of our current Parliament.
The hike in income taxes and the increase in goods and services taxes (GST) from 10 to 15 per cent, starting January 1, is double taxing workers.
It is hurting many ordinary Papua New Guineans, especially the rural people.
It is seen as an invitation to many unforeseen problems, as well as increase in law and order problems nationwide.
Any good and responsible Government must not do that to its own citizens and walk away with it.
My good leaders, your Government’s policy of double taxing workers and increase of goods and services tax (GST) tax from 10 to 15 per cent in itself is a time bomb waiting.
Most income tax workers go home every pay day, knowing or not knowing, that there is yet another hidden 15 per cent GST on anything they buy.
My suggestion is to reduce the GST tax rate nationwide to below 7 per cent on every goods and services.
Make an amendments to the Income Tax Act provisions, since the Government cannot really control the high costs of living, especially the rising GST which has now increase from 10 to 15 per cent.
We simply cannot have both at the same time.
Many ordinary Papua New Guineans have kept silent for far too long and now their eyes are being opened.
Many rural people and unemployed citizens, and even the working class people and their immediate families, are living each day on borrowed or what we call dinau moni. If you do not know, the street interest rate is 35 per cent on top of what one borrows daily in order to survive week-in week-out, but nobody is speaking out publicly on this issue.
This is PNG.
Our customs of caring for the poor and needy, disabled, blind and older people and even friends, remain strong.
One worker’s pay cares for 10 to 15 families.
They are benefiting from his or her fortnight salary.
Furthermore unemployment rate is very high in our towns and cities.
Corruption at all level of our society is the order of the day.
Even those in power are not telling us the truth.
Let us all stand up and speak out.

Samson C Napo
Former Bulolo MP

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