Letters in brief


Create database:
Teachers around the country are publicly expressing their frustration over their rightful entitlements every year through the media. It is frustrating to read and hear complaints regarding airfares. As a concerned citizen, I wish to suggest to the Education Department to set up a database for all teachers showing all the individual entitlements and the due dates apart from other information. Also, those entitled for leave must have their entitlements paid directly into their personal bank accounts.

John, Via Email

Selection confusing:
I AM a current grade 12 students who was selected to my institution of choice on December 13 by the Government. I was left out or not accepted again in other institutions. I do not know why this happened to me? I am very frustrated. I think the measurement service unit is not working together with the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology. In other words, we thought that there would be one selection on Dec 13, but there were two selections done.

Joshua Keith
Grade 12 student at Markham
Valley Secondary School

Underpaid worker:
Looking into 2019, it begins with a thunder strike of increasing prices of goods and services. I am taking this opportunity to speak up for the good of our people in Lae. Some companies in Lae are under paying staff with K3.10 to K3.20 maximum hourly rate. We work hard each day yet we are underpaid. Please do something about this, Labour Department. How can we survive in times like this?


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