Institute keen to provide degree, masters programmes

Youth & Careers

International Training Institute is serious about providing degree and masters programmes in the country, says assistant marketing manager Mongai.
“Apart from our diploma programmes, we are serious in providing degree and masters programmes to the school leavers and non-school leavers,” he said.
“We are creating an opportunity for people who have missed out to come and get educated.”
Mongai said they had agreements with Pacific Adventist University and Divine Word University where their diploma students can go and advance their study into degree programmes.
They are also affiliated with James Cook University, Australia National University and PNG Human Resource Institute.
Mongai said scholarships they gave out were for the certificate programme.
“If students want to take up diploma and degree courses, then they will pay school fees,” he said.
“It is an opportunity for students who may not make it to other tertiary intuitions to continue their studies at ITI.
“The criteria to be eligible to receive the ITI scholarship is set by us.
“We give it out to the respective secondary schools administration to select potential candidates.
“This criteria is particularly based on students who have high standard of behaviour and hard work.”
ITI has given out four scholarships so far to Port Moresby Schools.
Two were given to Port National High School and other two to Don Bosco Technical School.
The recipient of the scholarships are Velina Abuli and Brendan Veve of Port National High School and Henry Ofora and Martin Pule of Don Bosco Technical School.

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