Integrity of acting AG damaged

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 24th November 2011

THE paid media statement on Oct 28 in the two daily newspapers, in my view, may have created some concern among our people.
I cannot recall the head of a state institution openly and publicly promoting his alliance with the government.
This, to me, is an ignorant display of immaturity and arrogance by the author of the media release entitled “Acting auditor-general applauds O’Neill-Namah government”.
I would like to raise several questions:
Is the acting person a career officer in the auditor-general’s office?
What about the fundamental principle of independence that underpins the work of this office?
What does this declaration tell us about the personal integrity of the person as the auditor-general and the future of this office under the leadership of a person who may have compromised his personal integrity in such a manner?
As it happened many times before, such publicity is an act of a desperate newcomer to outdo the good work of the previous person.
In my opinion, this is also an attempt to create an unfair advantage over other potential applicants for the top post.
We need visionary lea­ders with integrity.
To see the independence and integrity of the auditor-general’s office being compromised is serious.
I have lost confidence of a better and proper ac­countability as the integrity of the acting auditor-general has been damaged.

Samson Wena
Kerowagi, Chimbu