Internet driving business to next level: NDB


BUSINESS in the country has now reached the next level of trade as internet becomes the centre point of a customer, product and the provider, it has been revealed.
National Development Bank Investment chief executive officer Des Yaninen, pictured, explained how the internet could help promote small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with practical examples.
“In the past and today, people refer to the yellow pages, newspaper advertisements and television either to do advertisements and promotions on the different services and products they have or to compare prices to buy what they want,” he said.
He said it was very expensive for SMEs to advertise with the newspapers or television to market their products or services.
“It is even a lot of work  for customers and clients of products and services to skim through thick pages of directory books or catching up with time to watch a television advertisement or going through the trouble of tuning into radio stations just to hear a specific advertisement on air,” he said.
“Hence, a lot of people are starting to shift from the normal way of doing business to selling their goods and services online.
“These all started when the technology trend of internet hit the market which paved the way for e-Business to flourish like never before.
“As businesses are becoming sophisticated with the latest internet trend of online marketing, people began to prefer fast and easy services.”
Yaninen encouraged all SME operators in the country to start using the internet hence creating websites to do business thus assisting their customers and clients to easily access their products and services information online.”
NDB Investments is one of two fully owned subsidiary of PNG’s National Development Bank.

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