InterOil gives chemotherapy trolley to POMGH

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INTEROIL has donated a chemotherapy trolley to the Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH) cancer unit. 
The trolley and four drip stands were donated by InterOil’s finance
IT marketing departments which bought the equipment from proceeds of the auction sales of their old computers.  
Cancer unit chief Sr Ellie Winge said this was the unit’s first chemotherapy trolley for the drugs.
Sr Winge said people all over PNG who were diagnosed with cancer, go there to get treated
and the numbers were increasing every day, with a minimum of 20.
“We have only two nurses for the cancer unit and it is time consuming for them to use small trays delivering chemotherapy drugs to patients thus, with the chemotherapy introduced, it would be more convenient,” she said.
The chemotherapy drugs are supplied by the Chinese government every year.