Promote Kikala as State Minister, says Ipatas

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ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas has urged Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to promote Lagaip-Porgera MP Philip Kikala as State Minister, in place of re-elected Kandep MP Don Polye. 
Mr Kikala is currently Vice-Minister for National Planning and Implementation and Mr Ipatas said Mr Kikala had served his apprenticeship well as a Vice-Minister and it was time he was promoted.
“Mr Kikala has the credentials and experience and for the PM to overlook him in the forthcoming Cabinet reshuffle would be a grave mistake,” he said in a statement.
He said he had nothing against Mr Polye, but felt that the people of Kandep needed his full attention during the remaining years of this term.
“The Kandep electorate is in complete shamble due to the breakdown of political leadership and poor administration and Mr Polye needs to spend more time to assist the provincial government to address these problems, before the 2012 general elections,” Mr Ipatas said.
But Mr Polye dismissed this statement as a naïve ploy to create instability and said Cabinet appointments were the Prime Ministers’ prerogative.
“This is a deliberate attempt by Mr Ipatas to create division and instability in the National Alliance party and the Government,” Mr Polye said.
“Mr Kikala, the Prime Minister and myself are too experienced for this naïve and childish ploy.
“My performance is judged by the people of Kandep. If we talk about performance in the district, people are the best judge and they just showed it in the polls.
“Enga is in shambles and Mr Ipatas should worry about that and not pass judgement on others.”