Investigate allegations


I AM shocked to read John Turi’s letter to the editor in The National (Nov 28).
The allegations against Ialibu-Pangia district officials are serious in nature and require further investigations.
Ialibu-Pangia is a model district in the country as far as development is concerned.
We are peace loving people and place more emphasis on development and welfare of our people than personal and business interests.
I find it hard to believe that the actions of a few people who sit in the position of trust have abused their powers for personal gain.
This had tarnished the reputation of the district administration in general.
He has written several corresponds and it fell on deaf ears.
My advice is he should consider other options that are available to pursue this case.
Report to the Finance Department or Auditor-General’s Office for them to conduct audit on the transitions of the district funds.
That should start with doing reconciliations with the banks, establishing service providers with Investment Promotion Authority and Internal Revenue Commision to get signatory to business accounts on where payments were made.
Go one step further to justify with Civil Registry Office whether those registered business owners have real identity because banks now require NID cards to open accounts.
Make reference whether these business owners are related one way or another in family, clan or tribe.
Justify the process to validate whether proper tendering and procurement of government projects and funds are spent wisely in the district in regards to Public Finance Management Act.
The government offices are slow, he should start the process himself by formally laying a complaint with the Police Fraud Office and request for search warrant.
By law citizens have the power to execute search and citizenship arrest that gives him the right to start the process.
If national government officers are compromised report to relevant agency’s heads where they are employed so they can be dealt with administratively.
In addition lay criminal complaint with Police for defrauding the state. If you have evidence, provide it to the courts and let those culprits be dealt and prosecuted.
Go viral on social media and see whether they are public support or someone who can come forward with evidence to support your case.
Also lay an individual complaint on Section 32 officers to Ombudsman Commission for them to be dealt with using Ombudsman Commission Administrative Law since they are subjected to it.
Finally, our local MP needs to listen to this public complaint.
There are far better Ialibu-Pangia elites who can do the same job in a professional and honest manner.
Let’s take back PNG from corruption.
The process starts with you.

Koare Kondo,
Koare LLG, Ialibu

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