Investigation on, no names mentioned

National, Normal

NATIONAL Capital District and Central Commander Chief Supt Awan Sete has declined to name the leader of the team responsible for the investigation into the alleged assassination of Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek.
Chief Supt Sete yesterday said due to the sensitivity of the case, he refused to give out any names.
However, he indicated that all test and investigations would be conducted in the country.
Tests would only be referred overseas if there was a need.
Chief Supt Sete added that the results from the bullets obtained from Mr Manek’s Nissan Patrol had yet to be established.
Witnesses from the niegbourhood will also be interviewed as part of the investigation.
Otherwise, Chief Supt Sete said the team had already commenced investigations.
The investigation came after the shooting of the Chief Ombudsman last Friday night after returning from an official function where he was followed back to his home.