Is Covid-19 real?


I HAVE been questioning myself if the Covid-19 is real.
This pandemic has been putting fear into everyone’s lives and disrupting the livelihood of the people of this country.
How can our Government address this issue?
I came across an asthmatic patient.
He was an elderly man diagnosed with asthma and was rushed to the hospital for treatment but the nurses regarded him as Covid-19 patient without attending to his condition.
He died shortly after.
Was this deceased asthmatic patient added to the death toll of the Covid-19 cases in the country?
How can the death toll of Covid-19 be confirmed?
I haven’t heard of people being killed by this so-called deadly virus.
Many of them recovered when they went into isolation.
How is that possible when the cure has not been found?
Are we just using this virus to access large amounts of money?
For instance, I have been engaged in the recent Covid-19 operation and the allocated funds for the operation were not disseminated properly to carry out the awareness and other tasks of the operation.
After the operation, there was some excess funds.
Those excess funds went into the pockets of the custodian.
Are the acquittals of the Covid-19 funds submitted to the Government?
I am still confused about this pandemic.
The funding that should be used to fully carry out awareness so that many can understand this pandemic was diverted for self-benefit of the custodian.
So, is Covid-19 real?
The Government needs to come out clear on this pandemic so we can fully understand, comprehend and acknowledge it as a pandemic.
The citizens and tax payers of this country need explanations so that will not have negative thoughts, ill feelings and questioning the Government’s actions.

Jethro Warisang


  • YES. COVIS is real
    No need for more awareness. Most people now know it.
    Wear mask to avoid getting infected.
    You can sue the hospital for negligence in the case of the unfortunate patient.

  • Government “are trying to profit this for everything they can and it’s sad.”

    “You watch, they’ll milk it every single day between now and Next Election 2022. And guess what, after Election 2022., coronavirus will magically all of a sudden go away and disappear and everybody will be able to reopen,” he said.

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