Speed up corruption investigations


HEADS of public institutions should be held accountable for everything that goes on within their organisations.
If an alleged corrupt act is exposed, the employer (State) should investigate the head without hesitation.
This does not happen in most cases due to the intertwined bureaucratic responsibilities executed corruptly by a network of cohorts who delay the outcomes of investigations to frustrate the concluding process to the National Executive Council.
The scapegoat is always the suspected whistle-blowers who are terminated for no cause. There should be a disciplinary watchdog unit created at the Prime Minister’s Department to crack the whip on agencies such as the Department of Personnel Management, Public Service Commission and Department of Justice and Attorney-General to speed up investigations on any pending allegations of misconduct against a head of a government agency.
By mid next week when normalcy returns, the Public Service minister will be under the spotlight to crack the whip on his department and the Public Service Commission for delaying the termination of certain political cohorts of the previous government.

Terminated Whistle-blower,

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  • Somare has died. We heard that the house he built should be protected. This are the people who are damaging the house he built. Arrest them and send them to jail.

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