Isifu pledges to sort out Manam resettlement


Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu, pictured, has assured the people of Manam Island in Madang that he will address their resettlement issues this year.
Isifu said that he would give his undivided attention to the people of Manam who were displaced by a volcanic eruption to come up with a solution.
“I have not forgotten them; it is part of my (2018-2022 Ministry Strategic Direction) to ensure that the people of Manam are given a permanent place for resettlement.
“I will also meet with their provincial government to discuss ways forward and how we can assist them,” he said.
Isifu also said that he would be presenting a new policy paper to the Government to ensure that the country was prepared for any man-made or natural disasters in the future.
“I want this policy to go through so that we as a nation will be prepared to manage any disaster that may occur.
“As a country we must be more organised and prepared.”

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