It pays to share ideas in the long run

Letters, Normal

The National

Jiwakans must seriously contemplate a system and conduit where the best minds are pooled so that the best proposals are translated into the framework of our new province.
I have seen a lot of potential and capable Jiwakans who can help drive our province forward even though others may say we do not have the financial resources.
I know Jiwaka needs resources – humans and materials – to be great.
The good news is they are not in short supply but we need to find and develop what we have in abundance, human resources.
Without doubt, Jiwaka is blessed with abundant human and natural resources.
If we harness our human resources properly, they will yield more than gold, copper and logs can bring together.
My concern is that many of our human resources are being wasted because of the high unemployment rate.
It has hindered the development of our economy, increased poverty and promoted anti-social behaviours.
However, I believe we can develop our province if we were to share our knowledge, know how, skills and experiences with each other.
If we don’t have any skills or knowledge to share, let us support, encourage and sponsor one another to acquire a particular skill and knowhow.
Knowledge is power and Sharing of our ideas will mean empowering our people.
It will increase human capital development of Jiwaka and the country.
Any individual who has been empowered becomes an asset to society, he or she will be able to add value to the economy. As such, our society needs more people to be empowered.



Frank Goi