Jiwaka health centre gets medical supplies

National, Normal

The National, Monday 13th May 2013

ROTARY International has donated K150,000 worth of medical supplies to the Nondugl Health Centre in North Waghi, Jiwaka.

The health centre serves people in North Waghi and parts of Chimbu.

It received two Life Pac 20E machines to monitor blood pressure, pulse, respiration and heart beats plus two portable ultrasound scanners. The four machine cost K150,000. 

Jiwaka Welfare Association chairman Frank Goi said in a statement that the people of Nondugul, North Waghi, and Chimbu would greatly benefit from the machines. 

Goi said it was a timely donation as he was planning to make it a rural hospital in Jiwaka.

“As the chairman of the Jiwaka Welfare Association, I’m planning to make sure that the Nondugl Health Centre becomes a rural hospital in future,” he said. 

He urged the Jiwaka provincial government and North Waghi MP Dr Fabian Pok to support his plan.

He said all advertised vacancies for the health centres included a doctor each. 

Goi said Rotarians would visit the province in April and November each year to support health and education in the province.

The eight Rotarians who visited in April will come back in November with another 10 to assess the work and further support in developing Jiwaka.