School to upgrade road

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The National, Monday 13th May 2013


THE Tambul High School in Western Highlands plans to upgrade a road used daily by students and locals.

Headmaster James Pini said the 3km road from Telama to the school was in a poor condition and needed to be fixed so that children could feel safe using it.

Pini said it was disappointing to see students struggling to and from school using the bad road.

The school recently helped to fix the Kagual Bridge which the students also used daily.

Pini said no one was going to do it for them if they just sat around doing nothing.

“If we create a better learning environment and provide equipment then students learning will not be a problem for us.

“I’m here to carry out my job as the head of the school and I am focusing on the road and then I will look into the school,” Pini said.

He said Tambul was one of the premier schools in the province and he was looking at ways of making it easy for students to acquire quality education.

“It is not a waste of time and resources but part of education and learning,” he added.