Johns Jr says Hunters like ‘brick walls’


NEW South Wales and Newcastle Knights great Matthew Johns’ son Cooper says playing the SP PNG Hunters on their home ground is a bruising experience.
Following their 28–26 win over the Hunters at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby on Sunday, Sunshine Coast Falcons five-eighth Johns Jr described the home side as a team made up of tough players.
“They are very strong players,” Johns, 19, said.
“They are like concrete — very strong and big.
“They are like brick walls.
“They tackle very hard and are bigger than me.”
Johns, who is into his second seasons with the Falcons, said playing the Hunters on their home turf offered visiting teams a unique experience.
“It is my first time to play in PNG and it’s an unbelievable experience,” Johns, who weighs 85kg, said.
“It’s probably one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever played in front of.
“We’d loved to come back and play the Hunters.”
Johns resides in Melbourne and plays for the Storm’s feeder club.
“Obviously, I’m with the Storm and they are associated with Queensland,” he said.
“My dad is not happy because I’m playing in Queensland but it’s obviously the deal.
“It’s honour for me. It’s an eye opener for someone is not always exposed to country footy.
“Everyone here loves the sport very much which make us feel grateful to play the game.”