Judge: No place for jungle justice

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A JUDGE told a man charged with attempted murder yesterday that “jungle justice in the form of payback (killing) has no place in (PNG) societies”, before jailing him for 12 years.
National Court judge Justice Panuel Mogish told Paul Angui, 28, from Wabag in Enga, that the maximum penalty was life imprisonment for the most serious attempted murder cases. But he could not find a “case precedent” on Angui’s conviction.
Angui, a businessman, was convicted of attempted murder in the Waigani National Court.
Justice Mogish rejected Angui’s argument of self-defence and provocation.
He also considered the mitigating factors, that Angui was young (26) when he committed the offence, he was a first-time offender and was willing to pay compensation.
Justice Mogish said while compensation could be used as a mitigating factor in a “customary” context, it would play no part in determining Angui’s sentence.
He listed the aggravating factors as that a weapon was used, it was concealed, the victim got struck twice and suffered life-threatening injuries.
Mogish suspended three years and removed seven months spent in custody, leaving Angui with eight years and five months to serve in jail.
The court heard that on Jan 20, 2016, Angui had a bush knife concealed in his trousers when he got on a bus at Taurama. He was following another man into the bus which was travelling to Vadavada.
When the bus arrived at Vadavada, Angui confronted the man who was sitting behind the driver and swung the bush knife at his head.
The man while trying to shield himself from the blow was wounded on the right hand.
He also suffered injuries on his head and hand.
He was treated at the Taurama hospital.

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