Juffa: Govt bodies must set up anti-graft sections

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The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SETTING up internal investigations sections within government and statutory organisations is necessary to root out corruption.
This was highlighted by Customs Commissioner Gary Juffa following the arrest of a customs official for alleged corrupt practices last week.
Juffa, who had assisted in developing the internal investigations section for the Internal Revenue Commission before joining the new PNG Customs Services, recommended such capabilities for the rest of the country’s statutory organisations.
“Many like to talk about corruption but do not actually make an effort to tackle it.
“This is the right step; put in the necessary control, the resources and empower your department to tackle corruption,” he said, challenging heads of government bodies and statutory organisations.
Juffa said the PNG Customs Services would have an internal investigations unit in operation beginning next year.
“Corruption exists everywhere. Even in developed countries, corruption exists.
“Where there are opportunities, crime will be a reality.
“What needs to be done is a whole-hearted effort to discourage corruption and ensuring that the department was ethical and embraced a moral approach towards its efforts to deliver services to its clients,” he said.
He added that corruption could be reduced when staff had satisfactory welfare, proper housing, decent wages and good working environment.