Juffa: Support institutions


TERTIARY institutions in Northern need Government support if they are to remain operational, Governor Gary Juffa says.
Juffa, who had raised questions in Parliament on numerous occasions over the funding of these institutions, including the Oro Applied Business Institute, Vudal University (Oro campus) and St Margaret’s School of Nursing, visited the institutions recently.
He visited and delivered funding assistance to support the institutions.
He handed over a cheque of K37,000 to St Margaret’s School of Nursing.
“It is not easy to be in a place such as Waigani and try to do what is right and fighting against people who insist on doing what is wrong,” Juffa said.
“There are many things that are not right that you don’t read about and it’s important that you understand this so that you also appreciate some of the challenges that we are faced with.” He commended St Margaret’s School of Nursing for managing itself.


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