Justice will be served, says judge

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013

 JUSTICE David Cannings told the relatives of the 74 men  wounded during an incident with police last month that he  would do everything to see that justice was done.

Two police officers have been charged while other officers are being questioned over the incident at 7-Mile in Port Moresby in which the 74 men were wounded on May 26.

Cannings told the relatives and community members of the men present in court that he would do everything  under the Constitution to ensure everything right was done.   

“Every person in Papua New Guinea has human rights and it is the job of the courts to enforce these rights,” Cannings said.

Cannings urged everyone to work together to ensure that justice was done on the men and the officers who allegedly assaulted them. 

Cannings, however, warned that it was important that everyone must accept that it was a matter for the court to deal with. 

The 74 men had complained of being wounded around their ankles after they were stopped by police officers while walking to their homes at 6-Mile.