K100mil set for DataCo


STATE Enterprises Minister William Duma says the Government will provide K100 million to PNG DataCo Ltd to deliver communication services in the country.
He told The National last Friday on the sideline of the decommissioning of the Australia PNG 2 (APNG-2) submarine cable system which had served the country for more than 15 years, that the Government would help DataCo.
The decommissioning of the APNG-2 submarine cable, a critical communication link with Australia and the rest of the world would now see the country use the new Coral Sea Submarine Cable (CS2).
PNG DataCo chief executive officer Paul Komboi thanked the Australian government for funding the CS2 which came into operation last February.
Komboi said the APNG-2 had achieved its lifespan.
Komboi added that now moving onto CS2, it had a technical maximum capacity of 10 terabytes per second which is about 1,000 times current capacity with increased reliability and latency.
He told The National that PNG Dataco had not fully completed the National Transmission Network (NTN) and had requested some funding from the Government.

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