K14,000 given to sisters of charity

Faith, Normal

SISTERS at the Missionary of Charity at Konedobu in Port Moresby received K14,109 in donations from four Asian business houses.
The donations would be used to help the sisters’ humanitarian work for the settlement children in the Konedobu suburb and to pay for their school fees.
Many sisters devote their lives to help those in need and the underprivileged and to many in the city are just loitering without any form of education.
Thanks to Daniel Yeoh from the L& C Holdings Ltd and the sisters at the Missionary of Charity, these children will be able to attend school this year.
Mr Yeoh, a  Malaysian, had been in PNG for five years and said it had been a pleasure working with the sisters whom he describes as “very inspirational and hard working with a big heart for children in the country”.
He said the sisters wrote to him and he initiated a drive to get Asian business houses to help them