Ririga reign in Makerupu soccer final

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MAKERUPU village on the coastlands of Rigo, Central province, lit up the New Year in style with a fest of soccer which saw Ririga outclass tournament favourites Rigonuma 2-1 in the grand final.
With players such as Tau Winnie from the University FC, Leana Geno and Kila Leana from Gelle Hills and Robert Hauka from Eastern Star, they added strength and experience for Ririga in the Makerupu Super Sports Festival.
However, it was the rookie striker Kule Walter, who brought the team home  to qualify for the grand final with two goals while Leana added the last against Palaurupu.
In the grand final, Walter also showed class with a goal with Winnie’s younger brother Victor, also adding one to seal the championship trophy and K300 prize money.
Rigonuma’s Tau Komala  managed to sneak in one just minutes before full-time to put them on the score board.
The organiser of the Makerupu Super Sports Festival  Karo Gimana said the games were a chance for the six clans of Makerupu to enjoy the festive season and to bring them together, through sports and build a strong community.
The games also brought the youths together which saw them take a sporting interest this festive season rather than indulging themselves with anti-social activities.
Scott Vavine, who founded the games in 1996, was also happy to see the games continue and villagers take interest in running the show and anticipates the next festive games to be “bigger and better”.