K27,000 administration block wins praise for school


A PRIMARY school in the Sepik River area of East Sepik has opened a new K27,000 administration block.
Marui Primary is a school in the Gawi local level government area of Wosera Gawi. It has more than 200 students and six teachers.
School treasurer Leo Singut said the administration building would definitely ease a lot of problems for the school in terms of running a good administration.
He said the building would not only be used for administration purposes but also as a library.
Speaking at the opening of the new block, East Sepik Governor Allan Bird commended the school and its board of management for their hard work and for making a difference with the little funding they received.
Bird said many schools in the province were in dire need of such school infrastructure and urged students and parents to take ownership of the school properties and staff.
He said many schools misuse their funds and are not able to achieve such goal that
Marui Primary school has achieved.
Marui Primary School enrols students from grades 3-8 from nearby communities, including those as from far as the Pagwi waterfront.

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