K42mil in TFF funds ready, says Kombra


Schools should receive their term three tuition fee-free funds by next week, Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra says
“For term three a warrant for K42.5 million has already been released by Treasury and is still going through the process.”
Kombra said close to K100 million would be disbursed in term three.
“So hopefully next week we should be able to get the full allocation for term three,” he said.
“The message is that sometimes the funds are coming in slowly so by the end of this term, which is this week, and hopefully by the beginning of next term we should be able to disburse the total funds that should be allocated on a quarterly basis.”
He said the Government had budgeted over K600 million for this year’s TFF.
“In 2017 we got a budget of K602 million so at the end of term two we have disbursed close to K300 million. For every term we are disbursing K150 million so hopefully by this week we should be
able to disburse close to K100 million.”
He added that there would be a launching of a component of TFF at Port Moresby National High School tomorrow.
“We are going to launch a component of the TFF — what used to be called the commodity component.  Now we are calling it the teaching and learning resource component basically to support the curriculum teachers are using.
“You can have the curriculum but if you don’t have the
resources how can teaching be effective?”

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