Kabwum needs better transport services

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

I WANT to complain about the lack of transportation services.
Since there is no road linking Kabwum, Finschhafen and Siassi, people are forced to use the sea to move around.
When the Lutheran Shipping’s passenger and cargo vessels were held back in Madang (before the start of the elections), many people were left stranded.
The company was supposed to put up notices to advise the people.
But it never got done, until after
the vessels were actually in dry dock.
North Coast Aviation (NCA) Company is an airline company that provides services to small airstrips in Kabwum district.
This airline company has failed greatly to transport many people and some candidates to their res­pective electorates.
As a result,  the campaign committee of each candidate had to make their own arrangements.
The company used to provide excellent services when its aircraft were flown by expatriates.
Services have suffered following a decision  by NCA  to go into a joint venture which sees a local flying the aircraft.
People were initially overjoyed to see one of their own flying but la­ter realised that this aircraft had turned into a “private family plane”.
We are fed up of such nepotism or wantokism and favouritism service.
We hope Travel Air will extend its operations to Kabwum to service the people.
Please do so before the Christmas season.

Bamiringke S. Junior