Kagua-Erave to declare winner

National, Normal

The Nationa, Monday July 16th, 2012

THE declaration of the winner for the Kagua-Erave open electorate in Southern Highlands province, is expected tomorrow when the final eliminations are completed today.
Returning officer Albert Wenz said in Mendi yesterday the final eliminations were expected to be counted today
before the final winner was declared.
He said if the
declaration was not done tomorrow, he hoped to declare the winner by Wednesday as counting and service providers demanded their allowances and bills be settled before counting was completed.
Declarations for the other three electorates of Mendi and Imbonggu are expected this week.
Wenz said the quality check was done yesterday, while the eliminations start
Nipa-Kutubu has completed its primary counts and the quality check is expected
today with eliminations to start tomorrow.