Kamane happy to serve as security guard with magisterial services

Bal Kamane

PEOPLE who frequent the Waigani Committal Court house will be familiar with security guard Bal Kamane.
Kamane, 40, is from Masul village in Sinasina, Chimbu.
He served under magisterial services for the last 14 years as a senior security officer, joining the department in 2007.
He worked at the Boroko District Court and Port Moresby court houses.
He guarded magistrates’ residence before moving to the court house.
Kamane is happy to be working for the Government and says while his job is interesting, it is also risky.
“My job is very risky because we look after custody matters, anyone that attends court from the Boroko holding cells or Bomana prison are under our care,” he said.
“We are unarmed, not equipped, but I love my job.
“We work under magistrates and look after court properties.”
Kamane moved to Port Moresby in 1994 two years after he had completed grade 8 at Mounai Primary School in Chimbu.
He moved to the city in search of a job.
He is married to Sera Simon.
They have a daughter, Pamela, 14, who was in grade five last year at the Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School, 6-Mile.
The family lives at 6-Mile, Saraga, in Port Moresby.
Kamane is the sole bread winner of the family.
“I would like to thank all the magistrates that I have worked under for a very long time,” the guard said.
“Some magistrates are here, some have transferred, I love working with you all.”