Kanabea villages appeal to Gulf MPs

Normal, Papua


AFFECTED villagers of Kanabea in Kaintiba, Gulf province, where 60 people have died reportedly from starvation due to food shortage, have called on their Kerema MP Pitom Bombom and other Gulf MPs to help assist them urgently with food supplies.
The villagers made the call last Friday following reports of deaths in the area reportedly food shortage as a result of continuous rain that destroyed all their food crops from gardens.
They made their pleas through their community leaders for urgent food supplies to be delivered into the affected area.
 The elders met last week with church leaders and put together assessment report based on each of their own findings.
“We have very sick people who are dying because of the shortage of food back in affected communities,” a group spokesman said.
He said a report from the group would be presented to Mr Bombom’s office.
He added that other provincial MPs had also been alerted on the situation and they were now waiting on them to deliver.
“We don’t know what is taking so long for them to respond to our needs at this time, but people are very hungry and frustrated from not having enough to eat,” he said.
“We would like Mr Bombom to respond immediately to our needs if he has any sense of responsibility for his people who are suffering and dying out here.”
He said it was still raining in the area and some people had died from cold.