Kapris costing state millions

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 16th May 2013


HIGH-profile criminal William Kapris has cost the State almost K18 million since 2010 in operations for his recapture.

Correctional Service Commissioner Martin Balthazar said he had made another submission for K4 million to fund an operation by prison and police officers to re-capture him after he escaped from Bomana prison on Tuesday.

“A submission for K4 million has been made to the government for the recapture operations for William Kapris after his escape this week.

“This money could be better utilised and used for other development purposes,” Balthazar said.

He said Kapris had become the most expensive prisoner to be arrested since 2010.

The manhunt plus courts cases in Madang and Kerema plus fees for lawyers and judges cost the state around K6 million. He said this was apart from unforeseen costs which amounted to K8 million.

Kapris was serving a 32-year jail term and was moved to the maximum prison dormitory after being charged with the murder of fellow inmate Shane Aitsi in prison.

Prior to his escape, he had sought medical attention and hinted that he would escape if he was not treated well in prison.

Meanwhile, Balthazar appealed to Papua New Guineans particularly the Sepik community to assist members of the correctional service, police and defence in his recapture.

“Kapris is a criminal who has a lot of money which has been kept by his relatives and friends in the city and is being used to lure corrupt correctional officers through bribes to do his favours.”